Working fireplaces (as opposed to fake logs or other gas fired type) have typically been brick or stone. Fireplaces provide warmth and comfort, as well as needed heat on a cold winters day. Here are some indoor stone fireplaces:

Indoor Stone Fireplaces – Double Sided

Indoor Stone Fireplace – Rubble Masonry

inside-stone-fireplace-rubble-masonryIndoor Stone Fireplace – Windows

inside-stone-fireplaces-windowsIndoor Stone Fireplace

inside-stone-fireplacesIndoor Stone Fireplace – Ashlar Masonry

inside-stone-fireplace-ashlar-masonryIndoor Stone Fireplace – Corner


Brick is always classic. We can re-finish your brick fireplace. We can paint it. We can even fix the fireplace if it’s not drawing correctly. (That means that it doesn’t get hot when you have it burning.) Here are some examples of brick fireplaces.

Indoor Brick Fireplace with Built-in Shelves

inside-brick-fireplaceIndoor Brick Fireplace – Painted Brick

inside-fireplace-painted-brick-fireplaceIndoor Brick Fireplace – Red Brick with Wooden Mantle

inside-red-brick-fireplace-wooden-mantleIf you haven’t figured out yet, the options are endless. In fact, just find a picture of the fireplace you like and call Madison Brick & Stone at (256) 270-2702 and speak to Jordan about a quote.